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Hai Rui Furniture Factory specialise in leather sofas, leather furniture and fabric sofas in a variety of contemporary and traditional designs. Hai Rui Leather Sofas follows a long tradition of quality leather production in the China.

Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary we have a style to suit your needs. Hai Rui Leather Sofa is the leading leather sofa wholesale specialist throughout the China. We have the widest collection of leather sofas available. We hope you will spend some moments looking through our collections and find there your design of choice.

Our Leather Sofas

We offer a wide range of fine leather furniture and seating in many styles at keen, affordable factory prices. You can select a style or featured product using the image links above.We also have a fine selection of leather chairs, leather beanbags, leather stools, leather ottomans and leather sofa beds.

These leather sofas are very easy to maintain. They are also very easy to clean. You can get specially made solutions from the market to clean these leather sofas by depending on the material from which they are made, to keep their glow for a long time. If you just clean them once, they will get back to their richer look.

Sofa - A long upholstered seat typically with a back and arms.

How to buy a leather sofas?

Buying any sofa is a big decision. Sofas are expensive, and if you end up hating the upholstery, replacing it can be costly. High-quality leather sofas often last much longer than regular upholstered sofas, but it is important to learn some facts about leather in advance so you don¨t make the mistake of paying too much for low quality or imitation leather.

Many factors need to be taken into consideration when you buy a leather sofa. Hopefully we can help you to find the perfect leather sofa which you will love to relax on and that will last you years.

When you buy a leather sofa it is important to make the right decision as it is an investment in your comfort. Whether you choose real leather, faux leather, aniline leather, brown, black or any other colour leather there are deciding factors that should be taken into consideration that will help you choose the sofa for you when you need to know how to buy a leather sofa.

Leather sofas and leather sofa sets come in a diversity of colors and styles. A leather sofa is the ideal way to improve a room¨s decor and they are also simple to keep clean. But furniture upholstered in leather can be one of the most luxurious furniture out there.

Some details about leather and leather sofas in particlular:

- Leather has a versatile quality and blends with any furnishing mode whether traditional or contemporary.

- Leather is a natural skin, and just like human skin, it is flexible enough to stretch and return to its original shape.

- Leather breathes. It is cool in the summer and retains warmth in the winter months.

- Leather seats never feel sticky the way synthetic materials do. The pleasures of leather are for every day and for everyone.

- Leather is not a special occasion covering. It can stand up to the rigors of everyday life and most types clean easily and are very serviceable.

- Leather is fire resistant and emits no toxic fumes, even when exposed to extreme heat.

- Leather resists tearing and cracking.

- Leather wont stretch out of shape.

- Leather is prestigious and gains richness and appeal over the years.

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